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By dingodingoOctober 3, in Mobile devices. I spoke with Thai Balsame Varizen rep in the Verizon store and then called Verizon customer service and asked.

Before I spend a buttload on Thai Balsame Varizen Verizon phone, Thai Balsame Varizen want to know that someone has done this because it's contrary to what I know in my head. Verizon doesn't make phones, they only sell phones or give away phones with a contract Tell us the make and model of the phone click the following article have and then someone may be able to answer your question.

Are you coming to Thai for vacation or do you live here? IF you live here, why not buy Thai Balsame Varizen here? Assuming they give you an unlock code it might work. Any phone would need to be capable of accepting a SIM e. SGS4, Moto Xbe able to be unlocked by Thai Balsame Varizen customer in good standing for some period of time - 6 months?

You just have to be sure that you are purchasing one of these dual system phones. If you have one of these phones and Thai Balsame Varizen inform Verizon that you want service for a period of time while you are in Thailand, they can activate it for accepting and making Thai Balsame Varizen on a roaming basis.

Sorry for the delayed response. Please don't take my lack of immediate response as non-appreciation. I sinerely appreciate the help. I'm currently moving back and forth between the USA and Thailand. If I buy Thai Balsame Varizen phone here, it's 1 cheaper by a few bucks and 2 has 4G that works in the US where it's quite available. I imagine it might work like they say, but maybe will only Thai Balsame Varizen a 2G phone or something I'm clear it won't be a 4G phone.

The only drawback to this is crappier coverage in the states, which can be frustrating. I think, but am not sure, that True and T-Mobile use the same 4G frequency. Hopefully I've been a little more clear this time and I really do appreciate your help. For use in the US, you should 'buy' whatever Verizon handset gives the best Verizon 4G service for Thai Balsame Varizen price. Newest and most expensive does not equate with best and most cost efficient.

For use in Thailand: The Verizon SIM is in the 2nd slot. As Potsdam kaufen mentioned, enable global roaming voice only for your trips to Thailand. Most new handsets from a US carrier are usually linked with new minimum yearly contracts so I don't see where they are necessarily cheaper in the US, especially when they STILL lock the handsets. But this would be highly dependent on exact locations.

I'd still need more details re: A Google Nexus 5 might end up http://strohmeier-bros.de/povytovezyb/behandlung-von-thrombophlebitis-neumyvakin.php a better, Thai Balsame Varizen cost-effective solution?

If you're in the States now, see more can slip your Thai SIM in and test it with any phone you want assuming you have credit on itthen go from there.

I'm not so sure you can get a phone cheaper in the states, yes you can get a discount if you sign a contract, but then you'd end up paying for your monthly plan, which will be a waste of money Thai Balsame Varizen you're part time here and part time there. No service provider will sell you a phone for a loss, they will Thai Balsame Varizen money one way or the other. As an update to this thread, I purchased the latest, greatest, LG G3 from Verizon Wireless, the "coolest phone in the world".

Not I'm in the position where I'm going to attempt to return the G3 when I go back to the states at the end of the month, beyond the 30 day return period.

It doesn't matter if it was purchased Thai Balsame Varizen or anywhere else. I need answers about phones purchased from Verizon. Did you insist that the phone Verizon sold you is unlocked? I doubt it since most carriers in the US will not unlock phones voluntarily. The US Congress recently had to pass a law to legally allow a phone to be unlocked after the Thai Balsame Varizen period Thai Balsame Varizen since unlocking a previously locked phone was against the law.

If the Verizon phone was purchased on contract then it most certainly will not work in Thailand, except on roaming, which is an expensive way to be able to use one phone in two places. All Verizon phones come unlocked.

That is not the issue. The issue is that for some strange reason LG phones sold in the U. I know a bit about this. I'm not familiar with the Samsung models you're looking at, but I do know this is the case for the Verizon iPhone 5S, at least yup, most people are buying components they'll never use. The Thai Balsame Varizen supports a lot of bands so it works almost anywhere. So, likewise, it seems plausible that at least some of the other phones Verizon sells come with both CDMA and Thai Balsame Varizen hardware incorporated, and can be activated by Verizon for use abroad.

You need to double check the specific model you want can't help you there, though. Don't have experience with any Samsung's personally. Might as well swap it with the word 'Fast' when trying to verify network compatibility for all the good it will do you.

Unless they can find text on a Verizon website that states the Samsung phone would work in GSM countries I don't believe Verizon will give them anything beyond the Thai Balsame Varizen of day. As for other Verizon phones that would work, just look at the Verizon website and look for phones that are "Global Ready".

It depends on what type click device you have. We offer two types of global devices:. Visit our Global Phones and Devices shopping page.

To determine if your phone will work in a specific country, and to Thai Balsame Varizen out more about coverage and pricing information, visit see more Trip Planner. Thanks Thai Balsame Varizen, but I got my answer. The Galaxy S5 works on that Thai Balsame Varizen. The LG for some inexplicable reason does not. You need to be a member in Thai Balsame Varizen to leave a comment.

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Posted October 3, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 4, Posted October 6, edited. And more about your plans, tourist? You may be better off asking in Thai Balsame Varizen U. Edited October 6, by lomatopo. Posted October 19, Posted October 20, edited. To answer some of your questions Thai Balsame Varizen October 20, by dingodingo.

Posted October 20, Posted October 21, Plus the phone will be locked and you may end up paying to get it unlocked. Posted September 13, I even went to LG and they told me the U. Posted September 15, Can I roam outside the US Thai Balsame Varizen my device? We offer two types of global devices: Non-global ready CDMA only phones: This phone is designed to run on the network technology available in the US and more than 30 other countries primarily in North America, the Caribbean and some Asian countries.

This type of device can be used in the US as well as just click for source more than other countries. It's built with one or more of the following technologies in addition to CDMA:

Sep 15,  · Verizon (USA) phone in GSM Country (Thailand)? Sign in to follow this Verizon says that I will be able to put a Thai SIM into my Verizon Samsung Note 3 .

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