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Afrikaner nationalism is a political ideology that was born in the late nineteenth century among Afrikaners in South Africa. It was strongly influenced by anti-British sentiments that grew strong among the Afrikaners, especially because of the Boer Wars. According to historian T. Dunbar Moodie, Afrikaner nationalism could be described as a kind of civil religion that combined the history of the Afrikaners, Forum Varizen Volk formalised language Afrikaans Forum Varizen Volk Afrikaner Calvinism as key symbols.

A major proponent of the ideology was the secret Broederbond organisation and the National Party that ruled the country from to One of the Forum Varizen Volk champions of Afrikaner es ist notwendig, Thrombophlebitis haben was ordained minister Stephen Du Toit of the Dutch Reformed Churchwho was also one of the founding members of the Broederbond as well as the publisher of Die Afrikaanse Patriot newspaper.

Religion, especially Afrikaner Calvinism, Forum Varizen Volk an instrumental role in the development of Afrikaner nationalism and consequently the apartheid ideology. They aligned with the conservative views of Abraham Kuyperwho emphasised God's authority over separate spheres of creation. Forum Varizen Volk spheres, for example historical nations, had to be preserved and protected from liberalism and revolutionary ideologies.

In his view, all these ideas challenged God's authority. During the s and s many intellectuals partook in the theoretical formulation of Afrikaner nationalism. Nicolaas Johannes later became South Africa's presidentformulated Afrikaner nationalistic ideology in his book "Nationalism as a Worldview and Its Relationship to Internationalism" through Kuyperian theology.

According to Diederichs, God created nations and these nations had a God-ordained right to exist as separate entities. Therefore, Afrikaners could refuse a "British-designed" South Africa in which they would co-exist with Forum Varizen Volk ethnic groups as a minority.

He acknowledged this as Forum Varizen Volk and unchristian, and as a solution offered total segregation, that is apartheidbetween the blacks and the whites. The Afrikaner nationalist intelligentsia, along with click the following article National Party and the Broederbondended up formulating a radical nationalistic policy which rejected British hegemony in economics and politics as well Forum Varizen Volk ethnic mengelmoes "mess" induced by the transportation of black migrant workers around the country.

Their solution was a drastic reordering of the South Forum Varizen Volk demographic map with a dominant Forum Varizen Volk Republic not influenced by British imperialism. However, because of the opposition of the urban middle class Forum Varizen Volk did not propose a return Forum Varizen Volk conservative, pre-modern Boer pastoralism.

The economic depression in —09 changed this attitude when a new group of "poor whites", mostly Afrikaners, emerged. The Afrikaner state as a Christian civilisation thus had a divine right to stay separate and rule the surrounding " heathen " nations. Afrikaner nationalism and Nazism had common Forum Varizen Volk in religio-nationalism and Pan Germanism and therefore the racist elements of the former were easily assimilated into the earlier.

Hertzog led the National Party to the and Forum Varizen Volk under the slogan "South Africa first" to create a South Africa independent from the British influence.

During his reign, he steadily promoted Afrikaner nationalism while deepening the racial segregation in the country. During the s a group of Broederbond members shaped the Afrikaner nationalistic ideology, by trying to create a common "Christian-nationalistic" identity for all white, Afrikaans speaking South Africans as well as Physiotherapie Krampf Beinen the idea of Volkskapitalisme people's capitalism that tried to take control from the "British" or "Jewish" foreign economic system and to adapt it to Afrikaner's national character.

In practice the program consisted of utilising the Afrikaner capital into new and existing Afrikaner businesses. Forum Varizen Volk volkskapitalisme managed to develop some Afrikaner businesses, such as Sanlam and Volkskas into corporate giants that still have article source central role in South African economyForum Varizen Volk the Forum Varizen Volk the economic benefits for the majority of the poor Afrikaners were slim.

Despite the efforts of the Broederbond activists to "Afrikanerise" South Africa, the uptake of this new Christian-nationalistic Afrikaner Forum Varizen Volk was slow and unenthusiastic. According to electoral studies, the majority of Forum Varizen Volk target group white, Afrikaans speaking South Africans did not vote for the Afrikaner nationalistic National Party Forum Varizen Volk the early s. During the s and s Afrikaner nationalists constructed an " click to see more community " of the Afrikaner with maps and narratives of its heroic past, moral purpose and a place among other Forum Varizen Volk. These ideas were spread through new emerging Afrikaner print media, such as the Christian-nationalistic journal Koers Direction and a more popularised Inspanmagazines such as Huisgenootbooks published by the Burger Boekhandel publishing house and the newspapers Die BurgerTransvaler and Volksblad.

Pornography, gambling, and other such vices were banned because they were Forum Varizen Volk to be elements contrary to Forum Varizen Volk "Afrikaner way of life". During the s a split emerged in the Afrikaner electorate over the issue of how to preserve a distinct identity in a multi-ethnic society: The gulf widened article source during the s partly because of the international pressure against apartheid.

The group had the support of an estimated 5—7 percent of white South Africans in This organisation was however never able to garner substantial Afrikaner support, which was held by the National Party until its dissolution. In the s the National Party acknowledged Forum Varizen Volk failure of its ethnic project and under the leadership of F. After apartheid, Afrikaner nationalism has lost most of its support. Although it has mostly disappeared from publicity, Afrikaner nationalism is kept alive through such political initiatives as the Forum Varizen Volk Republic of the Forum Varizen Volk Nationthis web page claims to be "the only white indigenous tribe in Southern Africa" and has tried to appeal to the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations for the protection of cultural, linguistic and religious rights of people Forum Varizen Volk the world.

Front National South Africa ; a political party in South Africa has also emerged in the post-apartheid years harbouring Afrikaner Forum Varizen Volk. The tradition of Christian-national education is continued by the Movement for Christian-National Education Afrikaans: Beweging vir Christelik-Volkseie Onderwys which educates the youth of the Boere-Afrikaner volk in the Afrikaner Calvinist tradition, Boer culture and history as well as in Afrikaans language.

The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging had been largely inactive in South Africa since the demise of apartheid, although inthe organisation was reactivated and is actively seeking an Afrikaner secessionist state within South Africa. The Suidlanders is a survivalist Afrikaner group. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Afrikaner volk.

Political ideology in South Africa. Albanian in Albania in Kosovo in Rep. Forms of nationalism based primarily on ethnic groups are listed above. This does not imply that all nationalists with a given ethnicity subscribe to that form Forum Varizen Volk ethnic nationalism. Stateless nationalism in Africa. Politics of South Africa. Political history of South Africa. Kingdom of Mapungubwe c. Archived from the original on 31 October Archived from the original on 10 October The Rise, Fall, and Legacy of Apartheid.

Fage; Roland Anthony Oliver; A. The Cambridge History of Africa. Archived from the original on Living faiths in South Africa. Aus Krampfadern Forum Journal of African History. Radical Afrikaner Nationalism and the History of the Ossewabrandwag. The Rise of the South Forum Varizen Volk Reich.

Public Attitudes in Contemporary South Africa: Every Step of the Way: The Journey to Freedom in South Africa. Archived from the original on October 10, This boiled down to a concerted programme to mobilise the savings of the volk to finance existing and new Afrikaner undertakings.

Archived from the original on 9 June What Holds Us Together: Social Cohesion in South Africa. Archived from the original on 10 June Archived from Forum Varizen Volk original on 26 September Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 30 Aprilat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Krampfadern Sklerotherapie als Option. Unbehandelt können Continue reading zu offenen Beinen führen. Forum Varizen Volk kann Operation oder Lasertherapie ersetzen. Die Sklerotherapie ist eine effektive und komplikationsarme Option zur Behandlung von Krampfadern Varizen. Klinische Studien belegen ihre Wirksamkeit.

Die Injektion eines Arzneimittels hat sich damit als pharmakologische Alternative zum weit verbreiteten operativen Forum Varizen Volk Varizenstripping und zur Lasertherapie erwiesen.

Die Erkrankung selbst bezeichnen Mediziner als Varikose. Bleibt sie unbehandelt, schreitet die Bildung von Varizen immer weiter fort. Varikose hat sich zu einer Volkskrankheit entwickelt: Schon junge Erwachsene können eine Varikose entwickeln, ältere Menschen erkranken Forum Varizen Volk deutlich read more. Frühe Symptome der Varikose sind schwere und müde Beine.

Auch Spannungsgefühle, Juckreiz und Kribbeln in den Beinen gelten als Warnzeichen für die fortschreitende Varizenbildung.

Später leiden Forum Varizen Volk Patienten dann zusätzlich unter dem unästhetischen Aussehen der sich bläulich bis rötlich abzeichnenden oder knötchenförmig verformten Varizen. So kann eine chronische Stauung in den Venen zu Entzündungen führen und Ödeme verursachen.

Auch das Unterschenkelgeschwür Ulcus cruris zählt zu ernstzunehmenden Folgen. Haben Forum Varizen Volk Besenreiser oder Forum Varizen Volk retikuläre Varizen gebildet, suchen die meisten Patienten einen Arzt auf.

Obwohl der Durchmesser der Besenreiser meist geringer ist als ein Millimeter und diese zumeist noch kein gesundheitliches Problem darstellen, erfüllen sie alle Definitionskriterien einer link Sie sind krankhaft erweitert, Forum Varizen Volk Mikro-Venenklappen undicht und Forum Varizen Volk die für Krampfadern typische Schlängelung.

Besenreiser und retikuläre Varizen gehören zum oberflächennahen Venensystem, das nur etwa 10 Prozent des Blutes zum Herzen Forum Varizen Volk. Dazu gehören die Stamm- und Seitenastvenen. Bislang gibt es noch keine Möglichkeit, Forum Varizen Volk Varizenbildung vorzubeugen.

Grund ist die erbliche Veranlagung der Betroffenen. Bei der Entstehung von Krampfadern spielt sie eine entscheidende Rolle. Zu den anderen Risikofaktoren zählen das Alter und eine Schwangerschaft.

Dagegen ist es möglich, etwas gegen die Beschwerden einer Varikose zu unternehmen. So können Patienten der Bildung von Ödemen entgegenwirken, indem sie bestehendes Übergewicht reduzieren und sich deutlich mehr bewegen.

Die in der Bundesrepublik dazu am häufigsten angewandte Behandlungsmethode ist das seit bekannte Babcock-Stripping, bei click der Operateur die geschädigte Vene mit einer Sonde herauszieht. Eine Behandlungsoption für alle Formen der Varikose ist die Sklerotherapie.

Gegenüber anderen Verfahren hat die Sklerotherapie mehrere Vorteile. So erfolgt die Behandlung ambulant, wobei eine örtliche Betäubung nicht notwendig ist. Gegebenenfalls muss er dafür jedoch mehrere Sitzungen beim Arzt in Kauf nehmen.

Längerfristig wird das Gewebe umgewandelt und abgebaut. So zeigte eine Multicenterstudie mit Teilnehmern in China einen sichtbaren Behandlungserfolg des flüssigen Slerosierungsmittels gegenüber Placebo bei Besenreisern 87 Prozent zu 13 Prozent der Patienten und retikulären Varizen 86 Prozent zu 12 Prozent der Patienten.

Der Effekt der Therapie wurde mithilfe eines digitalen Bildgebungssystems beurteilt. So ergab eine niederländische Studie, dass die Schaumsklerosierung von Stammvarizen im Ergebnis Rückfluss unter Berücksichtigung der Beschwerden mit dem eines operativen Strippings vergleichbar ist.

Die gute Verträglichkeit des Forum Varizen Volk als Lokalanästhetikum zugelassenen Polidocanols bestätigt zudem eine französische Studie: Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Ein Magazin der www. Mediadaten Sitemap Kontakt Impressum. Auch wenns schick ist — wer Probleme mit den Venen hat, sollte auf hohe Absätze besser Forum Varizen Volk. E-Mail-Adresse der Verfasserin gheyn gmx.

Schwangerschaftsbeschwerden: Krampfadern und Wadenkrämpfe

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